At Last Regulation May be On It’s Way!

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has started to enforce a little authority when it comes to clinics advertising Botox treatments in breach of their regulations.

Advertising Botox and other prescription only drugs in the UK is banned under UK regulations.

The ASA said the rulings against the clinics based in Cardiff and Knightsbirdge “set a precedent of what we expect from all advertisers across the sector” and would be followed up by compliance work.

“It is illegal to advertise a prescription-only medicine, such as Botox, to the public. Our rulings, which apply to ads across media including online, set a clear precedent for the whole health and beauty sector.”

“Any company referring to Botox must stick to the facts and avoid any promotional language. We’ll be communicating this requirement to the sector and providing help and advice so they get their ads right.”